Press release no. 12/2014 of April 16, 2014

1,053 candidates standing for election

WIESBADEN/BERLIN – In the European Election on 25 May 2014, a total of 1,053 candidates will stand for the 96 seats in the European Parliament allocated to the Federal Republic of Germany. The total includes 327 women. This was reported today by the Federal Returning Officer Roderich Egeler at a press conference in Berlin.

The Federal Returning Officer appealed to all citizens to participate in the European Election on 25 May 2014. He emphasised that the European Election is of special importance as it permits citizens to influence political decision-making within the European Union.

The election will be based on the principle of proportional representation, meaning that the number of seats to be distributed in Germany will depend only on the shares of votes cast for the lists of parties and other political associations. Altogether, 25 parties and other political associations will run in the 2014 European Election with combined lists for all Länder or with lists for individual Länder. The ballot papers will contain 24 nominations for each Land.

More detailed information on the nominations admitted and the candidates and substitute candidates standing for election is provided in the special issue “Die Wahlbewerber für die Wahl zum Europäischen Parlament aus der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2014”. Among others, the special issue contains a list of the names of all candidates and of the substitute candidates, and summary tables for instance on the proportion of women, the age of the candidates and the occupational groups to which they belong.

The special issue can be downloaded as a free pdf file from the website of the Federal Returning Officer at: → Elections to the European Parliament 2014 → Publications

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Information on the candidates running for election is available on the website of the Federal Returning Officer at: → Elections to the European Parliament 2014 → Political parties & Candidates


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