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These web pages are published by the Bundeswahlleiter (Federal Returning Officer).

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The information on this website is researched and implemented with maximum care. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that errors occur in the process. Please send any comments and corrections to one of the indicated addresses of the Federal Returning Officer.

Although the information on these web pages is produced with utmost care, the Federal Returning Officer cannot accept any liability with regard to its being correct, complete and up to date. In particular, the Federal Returning Officer does not accept any liability whatsoever with regard to damage or consequences that may result from direct or indirect use of the information offered.

In addition to information of its own, the Federal Returning Officer offers links to external websites offering information of other providers. Neither is such external information provided by the Federal Returning Officer itself, nor is the Federal Returning Officer in a position to exert influence on the information offered on third-party pages. The information offered on external pages to which the Federal Returning Officer provides links does not reflect the opinion of the Federal Returning Officer; such links only serve the purpose of providing additional information and illustrating connections. The Federal Returning Officer is not liable for external information to which the Office just offers links as described above. Responsibility lies only with the provider of such information. If, due to technical or organisational errors, users should not be able to utilise the website, they shall not have any claim whatsoever against the Federal Returning Officer.


Data protection declaration

The Federal Returning Officer is committed to protecting your privacy and fully adheres to the data protection provisions. The trust placed in our organisation is of great importance to us.



Communication via e-mail may involve security gaps. For example, e-mails may be delayed, read and even manipulated by skilled internet users before they reach the relevant staff members of the Federal Returning Officer. Therefore, only informal contacts are possible via e-mail. Legally binding statements currently cannot be made in this way. Should we receive an e-mail from you, we assume that we are authorised to reply by e-mail. Should this not be the case, we would explicitly ask you to choose a different medium for communication.

Der Bundeswahlleiter
Statistisches Bundesamt
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Phone: +49 611 75-4863
Fax: +49 611 72-4000



The following applies for all standard publications of the Federal Returning Officer, either in printed or electronic form, and for the content of our website, including charts and downloadable products, unless additional or other information is given on the product/website itself.

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Reproduction and distribution, also of parts, are permitted provided that the source is mentioned.

This applies for any redistribution of texts, data and charts by third parties where the Federal Returning Officer is the copyright owner and holds exclusive publishing rights. Re-use is permitted both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are also no restrictions on distribution by electronic means, via the Internet or in printed form. No express authorisation is required from the Federal Returning Officer. It is, however, required to provide a source note. The Bundeswahlleiter, Wiesbaden, shall be named as the publisher in the list of references.

Amendments, deletions/abridgements or omissions, redesigns or other modifications shall be identified as such, or a note shall be included in the references stating that the data have been changed, have only been used as the basis for calculation or have been presented in a different form.

Excluded from the temporally and geographically unlimited scope of use are the usage rights of third parties which are explicitly set out in our publications or on our web pages (e. g. photo rights, maps of constituencies). This also applies to jointly-issued products. There is no general policy here. Each product must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

It is therefore recommended that, when exploiting our data, users ensure that the copyright information is included in the product in question and, if necessary, that they contact the copyright owner given in the imprint.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of the Federal Statistical Office (as at 1 February 2014) for the distribution procedure regarding the sale of printed publications and publications on data media shall apply.