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Dieses Bild zeigt die Flaggen des Vereinigten Königreiches und der Europäischen Union. © simon2579 / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images / 645001648

2019 European Election: Brexit consequences

On 11 April 2019 the European Council complied with the United Kingdom’s request to further postpone the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. According to the Federal Returning Officer, there are various exit scenarios now that the extension has been granted. They will have an impact on the options of both Germans living in the United Kingdom and of British citizens living in Germany to participate in the European elections.

Dieses Bild zeigt Personen in einem Wahlvorstand.

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Poll workers are indispensable for the conduct of elections. They are the basis of the election being organised by the people and thus the most important pillar of the electoral procedure.