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The Federal Returning Officer’s Office

In performing his tasks, the Federal Returning Officer is supported by a specialised staff unit, the Office of the Federal Returning Officer.

List of staff members and their responsibilities:

Sphere of activity Person in charge
Head of Office Karina Schorn
Assistant Heads of Office Dr. Angela Kolbe,
Bastian Stemmer
General questions of electoral law, approval of parties for Bundestag and European elections, report of the Constituency Commission Kersten Buchholz
Collection of material of political parties and associations in accordance with the Political Parties Act Kersten Buchholz,
Jens Mädler
Electoral statistics, list of candidates, website of the Federal Returning Officer Gabriele Schömel,
Kevin Kobold,
Sabia Maruhn
Dispatch of information material Sabine Oehl,
Marion Neiß