Bundestag election 2017


Publications on the 2017 Bundestag Election are available in German only.


Information of the Federal Returning Officer

Special shortened issue: Candidates for the election to the 19th German Bundestag, order number: 1051106-17900-1

Magazine no. 1: Comparative figures of earlier elections to the German Bundestag and the Länder parliaments, as well as structural data for the Bundestag constituencies, order number: 1051101-17900-1

Magezine no. 2: Preliminary results by constituencies

Magezine no. 3: Final results by constentuencies, order number: 1051103-17900-1

Magezine no. 4: Voter turnout of and votes cast by women and men by age group, order number: 1051104-17900-1

Magezine no. 5 – part 1: Textual evaluation of the election results, order number: 1051105-17900-1

Magezine no. 5 – part 2: Textual evaluation of the representative electoral statistics and polling districts statistics, order number: 1051107-17900-1


Publications of the Federal Returning Officer as print edition

With the exception of magazine no. 2, all magazines can be purchased as printed versions (18 EUR per magazine, magazine 5 each 12 EUR plus shipping costs) from:

IBRo Versandservice GmbH
Bereich Statistisches Bundesamt
Kastanienweg 1
18184 Roggentin
Tel.: +49 38204 66543
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