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2019 European Parliament election

election day 26. Mai 2019

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41 Poltical parties

1,380 Candidates

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2019 European Election: media statements and schedule of the Federal Returning Officer

The Federal Returning Officer will again offer a comprehensive service for the media on 26 May 2019, the day of the European election. There will be two media statements of the Federal Returning Officer in the Western Lobby on the Plenary Chamber Level of the German Bundestag in Berlin.

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Information for poll workers

Poll workers are indispensable for the conduct of elections. They are the basis of the election being organised by the people and thus the most important pillar of the electoral procedure.

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Focus on Europe

Facts on the EU Member States in the run-up to the European elections

All over the EU citizens will be taking part in the European Parliament elections from the 23rd to 26th of May. The direction in which the European Union is heading in is the subject of political debates all over Europe at the moment. The EU is facing a number of challenges, including the ageing of society, the question of social cohesion, the opportunities arising from increasing digitalization and climate change. How are the EU and its Member States faring as far as these topics are concerned?