Responsibilities of the Federal Returning Officer

The Federal Returning Officer is responsible for the organisational preparation and conduct of Bundestag and European elections. He has the following tasks in both elections:

  • verify the proper conduct of the election
  • establish and chair the Federal Electoral Committee
  • issue invitations to Federal Electoral Committee meetings
  • check candidates for inadmissible double candidature and to prepare a list of candidates
  • ascertain and announce the provisional general election result for the electoral area
  • inform the Land returning officers about the Land list candidates who have been elected
  • announce the final election result for the electoral area
  • check whether the election has been held in keeping with the provisions of electoral legislation
  • record all registered Germans living abroad who are eligible to vote
  • exercise the right to lodge an objection in the electoral scrutiny proceedings
  • procure and supply special application forms for people living abroad who are entitled to vote so that they can apply for entry into the voters’ registers and participate in the election
  • publicly announce who will be the successor(s) from the list of candidates.

Last update: 1 June 2016