Constituency Commission

The Constituency Commission is a body of experts independent of party policy and not bound by instructions which does the essential preparatory work on the basis of which the German Bundestag decides on the delimitation of constituencies in the next Bundestag election. It is appointed by the Federal President as permanent Constituency Commission.

In elections to the German Bundestag, 299 of the deputies are elected in the constituencies according to the principles of relative majority voting based on the system of two votes as laid down in the Federal Elections Act (Section 1 (2), Section 5). The territory of the Federal Republic of Germany shall therefore be subdivided into 299 constituencies which should have the same size, as far as possible.

The task of the Constituency Commission is to report on changes of population figures in the electoral area and to state what modifications of the electoral area structure – if any – it deems necessary as a consequence. In its report, the Commission may propose modifications for other reasons, too. The Constituency Commission shall report to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community within 15 months after the electoral period has begun, in the present electoral period by 24 January 2019. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community shall then submit the report to the German Bundestag; it is published both as a Bundestag printed paper and in the Federal Gazette. The composition of the Constituency Commission, its tasks and the principles according to which the constituencies shall be delimited are laid down in Section 3 of the Federal Elections Act.

The German Bundestag alone decides on any modifications of constituency boundaries by means of a federal law.

Legal bases

Section 3 of the Federal Elections Act (BWG)

Last update: 15 June 2018